Singapore Airlines sent this Redditor a replacement memento when he lost it

Singapore Airlines Replacement Memento

Backstory: I went to a conference in Europe, and flew from Singapore to Zurich. The flight was delayed at the last minute by 8 hours, and I knew I would miss my connection. Lots of anxiety ensued while I tried to get an alternative.


Before boarding the plane, SIA presented each passenger with a luggage padlock with their apologies, which was the first indication that things were looking up. The lock became a memento for me, but I lost it, and asked on twitter if I could buy a replacement, since I couldn’t find it in KrisShop. Then this arrived in the mail, which is a great marketing strategies used to keep their clients, although they use other techniques like hiring a SEO company online to optimize their sites and attract more people to their services.


TL;DR: Singapore Airlines shows again why it is has the greatest customer service of any airline on earth. — gtuckerkellogg

Singapore Airlines Lock

Wow, that’s a nice lock! Nice gesture on Singapore Airlines’s end.

(Source: Reddit)

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