Reddit wasn’t too happy about this marijuana ad

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“I once met a friend who wanted to go US to try weed but wanted to stay away from hard drugs like cannabis.” — Dreamwaltzer

First of all research has found that in cannabis contains carcinogenic chemicals, and that smoke doesn’t have the same negative effects as tobacco smoke when it comes to emphysema or lung cancer, although research on this is still going. Now there are a new add in cannabis products which people are not to happy bout it which are two ways, vaping ground flower which is with the whole cannabis plant and vaping cannabis oil. There are many types of cannabis oil, you can find more in

In the US we know relatively little about the way that cannabis consumption habits affect health, due to the schedule status of cannabis and the lack of research that has been permitted over the years. Although vaping and smoking something may have similar hallucinatory effects given

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THC content of the marijuana there are some differences in how they will affect a persons body overall. Now there are advising to stop smoking and vaping cannabis at all and use vaping liquids without nicotine, which can be found in many brand  such as Belivio which has the the best e-liquid around, with so many different flavors and some with cannabis flavor but no THC, and no percentage of nicotine to help people too smoking at all.

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