No more chess at void decks, eh?

No Playing Chess in Common Areas

It’s quite sad that void decks are an originally-Singapore thing, meant to provide spaces for community mingling. Signs like these destroy its intended purpose.

The Town Council in question did make a reply:

We refer to the circulating Facebook posts about our poster, “No Playing of Chess at Common Areas”.

We would like to clarify that the poster was only placed at Blk 11 Haig Road and it is not a standard poster of our Town Council.

We have received feedback from residents at the said block that the chess players are causing a nuisance and are playing till late night. In addition, the chess players and onlookers sometimes will block and obstruct the pathway of a covered linkway, causing inconveniences to others. As such, this poster seeks to advise and remind these chess players not to play their games there and to be considerate to others.

As this is a long standing issue, our Town Council has been working closely with other agencies to address it. We would also like to take this opportunity to advise users of void deck to be considerate and to lower the noise volume after 10pm.

Thank you.

(Source: Reddit)

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