“The worker from Bangladesh working for few dollars to send home, then crying himself to sleep”

Humans of Singapore Bangladesh Worker

“Sunday my favorite day because that is the day I go watch movie. For workers, being outside is relaxing. When inside, got 12 man sleeping in one room, so not very comfortable. Sometimes before I going to sleep, I thinking.. should I leave to go to other country? But then I thinking – how does it matter? It will be same problem again. From outside, every country nice. You look on internet, you see pretty picture, and you think wow so great. So many beautiful building, so many beautiful people. But internet only showing you what is outside. It only showing you surface of city. It never showing you what inside. It never showing you the worker from Bangladesh working six days a week for few dollars to send home, and then crying himself to sleep because he away from his home and his wife for so long. At first I thinking – why not anyone asking. Why not someone worrying about us? But I thinking that people don’t asking these questions, because people don’t wanting to know the answer. People only wanting pretty picture, so they seeing pretty picture.”

(Source: Humans of Singapore via Reddit)

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